Fall Time

Fall Time is here in ND.  We have spent our summer watching and continue to watch our grand-daughter Avery and what a joy.  Our summer has come to an end and the fall has begun.  The older grand-kids are now in school and loving it.  The leaves are yellow and the cold is moving in.  Freezing nights are around the corner and AZ is looking better and better.  We will leave for AZ around November 3rd and hoping that God will hold back the snow and ice for us.

We are thankful to God that we have had this time with our kids and grand-kids this year.   Looking forward to seeing our beautiful country in the future.  Missing our family and friends back home, but also curious as to what our future brings.  Please keep us in your prayers for safety, guidance and wisdom.

Most of our summer was spent in Grand Forks, ND/East Grand Forks, MN and enjoyed our stay a lot.  We highly recommend Red River State Recreation/Sherlock State Park located right along US-2 for anyone passing through or looking for a place to tent or park their RV for a bit.  The rangers are very helpful, polite and accommodating.  The park is very clean and peaceful.  The two cities have also created the Greenway Pathway which is over 20 miles of multi purpose trails within approximately 2,200 acres of natural open space in the heart of Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN.  Go to http://www.greenwayggf.com for more information.

As I close for today, remember to follow my blog so as to receive any updates in the future.  As we travel, we will give pros and cons of our travels.  Have a blessed day and we will be in touch…

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