Headed to Arizona

We are now starting our life of being on the road.  We stayed in East Grand Forks/Grand Forks for most of the summer to care for grand-child #5 as most of you already know.   We left Williston, ND and headed to Rapid City, SD to spend one night as we passed through heading to AZ.  Well one night turned into two nights and part of the third day.

As we were coming into Rapid City, (25 miles out to be exact), the coach started to loose power.  All of a sudden all of our gauges shut off.  John already knew what it was and we started to pray that Jesus would help us.  I texted a few family members and asked them to pray that we could make it to our destination in Rapid City.  We ended up being in 3rd gear going up the last hill with several cars, trucks and semi’s passing us.  Mind you, we are still loosing power.  The transmission is electrically shifted and its the alternator that gives it power and that’s what was going wrong.  So, without an alternator charging properly, we lost all 12 volt power.  At the top of the hill we had to stop for a red light.  UGG!  Only by the hand of God did we cross the intersection, turn down the service road and literally COASTED into the driveway of our destination.   Thank the Lord we loaded our extra long extension cord that we almost didn’t bring, because we couldn’t even pull in or back up into our site.  John plugged the coach into the power source at the site and it started to charge the batteries.  I held the cord as John backed up the RV/coach into the campsite.  Shewww.  Thank you Jesus!

We took the “toad” vehicle (the Yukon) to find the Freightliner Dealer a few blocks away.  A “Toad Vehicle” is the vehicle that you tow behind, just in case you are wondering what I’m talking about.”  John went in to see if they had an alternator (they close in 1/2 hour) and unknown to us, RV/Coach’s like ours take a “special” alternator.  It needs to be able to recognize several different items in the coach.  So Lyle at Eddie’s Truck Center was extremely accommodating.  He stayed until he found one in TX and had it over-nighted to them.  They helped us tremendously and didn’t over charge anything.  So, appreciative of them.

Once again, we are on the road for a final destination of AZ.  So far we have been through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and now into New Mexico with our 2003 Newmar Dutchstar and we are loving our new home.  As we boondocked in our son’s yard for the last two months which really doesn’t count, we are boondocking for our second time on this trip.  Tonight in a Walmart parking lot. Can’t wait to share more stories of more places visited.  We are still looking to see Sedona, Yuma, the Vortex, family and stay out on BLM land to get away from the cities.  FYI… the mountains in the pictures up above are the Rocky Mts., they are absolutely breath taking.

Until next time….  Stay tuned…

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