Tucson, AZ

We had a beautiful trip after getting the alternator fixed back in Rapid City, SD.  Our ride south was good, a bit bumpy in spots, but for the most part it was good.  We took route US-385, down to Sidney, NE, over to 85 via US-80, over to Cheyenne, WY. and connect to 25.  We went around the city of Denver, CO because driving in a HUGE city with a 40′ RV towing a vehicle behind, can be a bit nerve racking.  We continued on 25 to Colorado Springs, WY, spent the night in Las Veges, NM and then continued the next day to Albuquerque, NM.  We had planned on going down to Las Cruces, NM, but found a senic route at the last minute and took 26 to Demming, NM.  As we turned off 25 onto 26, we went through a village called Hatch.  I wish we would have stopped.  The Chili Peppers were everywhere.  They had them hanging on every hut down Main St. for sale.  It looked as though the walls of the huts were made of Red Chili Peppers.

So we boondocked again at a Walmart in Demming, NM.  Nice quiet town, not like the night before in Las Vegas, NM.  There was so much noise from vehicles and during the night some young kids drove circles around us being silly.  As a side note, we weren’t the only ones boondocking.  There were three other campers and two semi truck drivers that I could see that spent the night along side us.

It was a short trip the next day to Tucson, AZ.  We found the Walmart which just happened to be across the street from the Catalina State Park where we decided to stay for two nights.  So glad we did!  Let me back up a bit and let you know that before we started this adventure, I/we prayed that God would put other Believers in Jesus in our path.  So, parked at Walmart waiting for 2pm to check into the state park, a man walks up to John outside and asks where we’re headed.  We get to giggling immediately when the man (Ed) informs us that they’re meeting their church group at the same park and we’re next door to them.  God is good!  Ed invited us for their potluck and after finding out that I play guitar and sing, asked me to bring my guitar.  This morning we will join them for a morning devotion.  How sweet is that?  We enjoyed our evening with them.  Wonderful people of God, reminds us of back home at Huron Shores Fellowship Church, Alpena, MI.

Catalina State Park is beautiful, clean and peaceful.  The folks handling the reservations are very helpful and the rangers here are helpful and polite also.  The weather is great here.  It was 80 yesterday and looking the same for today. We will keep you posted as our adventure of God’s creations goes along.

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Until next time….  Stay tuned….

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