German Potluck Today

Tonight John and I went to a potluck here at the resort and had a blast.  Of course you know how potlucks are, where there’s so much food you don’t know what to start with.  I tried everything that I could fit on my plate.  I made a Beef Beet Borscht Soup that my mom would make when I was a kid.  Instead of real sweet cream from Mrs. Schultz on Lytle Rd. back home, I had to use sour cream, but it wasn’t that bad.  In fact, it was really good.  We visited with everyone that sat with us at the table and made new friends.  Found out that we were all from different areas of the country.  So fun to know each others stories and how they decided to become full-time RVer’s like us.  Some folks have their extra stuff in storage (very expensive) and some did it just like us and sold or donated everything (very liberating).

Right after the potluck, we had Karaoke for an hour.  My ultimate fear of singing with a recording is not being in the right key.  Yep!  That’s a fear come true!  The whole time I’m singing I’m thinking, “I need my guitar.”  Ha! Ha! Ha!  It was still fun.  One of the ladies at our table had a voice from heaven.   It was so enjoyable to hear her sing.  She made the evening with her bubbly personality.  Lots of laughs!

We went to Kartchner Caverns for a tour this past weekend and it was so interesting.  Very warm and balmy.  It was approximately 72 degrees in there with 98% humidity.  I asked the ranger why is it so warm in here?  His answer was this, “Great question.  Well, when you were outside the caverns, did you see the hills that you were approaching? The caverns don’t go under ground, they are on or above the ground.  During May – September we close the tours not only for the bats, but also because of the AZ sun and heat is too much for any of us to be in them.  The caverns heat up in the summer, but start to cool for winter come September-October.”  That made complete sense to all of us.  There are approximately 1000-2000 cave myotis (Myotis velifer), a species of insectivorous bats that visit there each year.  Did you know that it’s only the female that returns every May to give birth and rear one pup each year and leaves every September to fly to the higher mountains to hibernate for winter.  The fascinating thing about these bats is that the males wait outside the entire season.  Then come September as the females leave, they mate, but the female holds the sperm separate from the egg until April when she becomes pregnant.  God thought about all of that when he created them.  So awesome!  The formations that are found in the caves are amazingly beautiful.  Well worth the money to go on the tours.  You can look them up on the internet to get a glimpse of what to expect.  Another great place to explore.

You know, if I could ever give you a word of advice it would be this….   If you want to see the countryside while you still can and live in your own environment, sell everything to simplify your life, start with a camper or motor home that you can be comfy in, then with the basics in life, start living.  To stay busy while you are on the road, you can be a work-kamper, work on the road because there are plenty of jobs out there that will allow you to work from your kitchen table, be a writer, etc.  The sky is the limit.  As much as I miss everything back home, I love meeting new people and making new friends.  No matter where we go it seems that there’s a Walmart near by or a local family grocery store that we can find our groceries at.  Take advantage of their member discounts, it’s free.

The weather has been pretty fair still.  Tonight it’s going to be down to 31 degrees, just a bit cold, but we are staying warm inside our Dutchstar.  I think it’ll be in the 70’s tomorrow or close to.  Well, hope you enjoy my story of our life here in AZ.  Until we meet again, stay warm and Merry Christmas everyone.

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