the “UnknownS”

There’s definitely many “unknowns” when it comes to being a full-time RVer.  Are you going to have good neighbors in the park?  Is the management kind?  Is it going to be clean?  What’s the security like?  How many sites in the park?  Do you like big parks or small ones?  How noisy is the town you are in?  One thing that you will need to learn though while RVing is to be a little out going, otherwise you miss out on finding the best campgrounds/resorts, restaurants, hairstylists, repair shops, activities, etc.  We have been so blessed with being able to talk to other folks and in return, we have made some great friends already.  By going to the many activities here at the park, we received an invitation to go to another park to join them in their activities.  Met more great folks there and even joined them for supper.   Had great laughs with them.  Volunteering, Potlucks, Icecream Socials, Playing Cards, Playing Pool, Playing Pickle Ball, whatever you may like to do, get involved.  

Another unknown is traveling in its self.   Gaging gas/fuel stops, can be hard when traveling if you don’t have the right apps on your phone or the right kind of atlas.  I actually have a couple different apps that I use.  They are “Truck & RV Fuel Stations” and also the “Loves” app.  Both are very accurate. Then we purchased an atlas from FMCA (Family Motor Coach Assoc) which shows several gas/fuel stations and parks.  Always good to have an atlas just in case your phone does not have reception.  It does happen a lot in the mountain ranges.  We also kept our Harley Davidson atlas from years past of riding bikes and we still use that for more detailed information.  

Then of course going into a strange town can be a bit unsettling, especially if you need to boondock at a Walmart, Cracker Barrel or at a Cabela’s.  You have no clue if its a safe town or not.  Never let your guard down, because you just never know.  If you do need to boondock, make sure the parking lot is well lit for added security.  And ALWAYS follow your gut feeling.  If you have decided to spend the night, make sure to always recheck your towed vehicle to make sure all the connections are secure for towing once again.

Ok, my own personal “unknown” is food preparations.  Our refrigerator in the RV is on the smaller side, so I cannot have a lot of food in it.  When we grocery shop, I can only plan for a couple days in advance.  Making meals in advance doesn’t work, because the freezer is too small to put extra meals in there.  About every other day we head back to the store for more and because of this, we eat fresher foods.  I love to cook, but not constantly.   We are managing very well even with the small inconvenience.  My cooking area is much smaller than what I was use to, but it has forced me to become a better, more organized cook.  I’m liking that and I’m sure my husband would agree.  

My last “unknown”, but actually a great adventure, is planning for the next place we want to be at.  There are many campgrounds or RV resorts that are booked up months prior, even up to 1 year in advance.  Only a handful that I have found won’t even let you book in advance if it’s more than 2 months prior.  For instance, I found a park in NC that I called on to make reservations and after speaking with the owner, I knew that that’s where we want to stay.  Well, I have to call back in the middle to later part of February to make a reservation for April.  Hope we get in there.  If nothing else, we do have a back-up plan at another park or we can find a State Park for a 14-day stay instead. 

So there you have a few of our “unknowns”.  There are more I’m sure, but these are some of a few that we have experienced in our first adventures of full-time RVing.

Remember to like, follow us and share our information in case you or a friend is thinking of doing the same thing we are doing.  Remember, it’s just another adventure around every corner.  Until we meet again…   -Thank you for following us.

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