January 20, 2019 “The Blood Moon”

Tonight was the night to watch for “The Blood Moon”. Our neighbors had a telescope and we had our binoculars. My IPhone wouldn’t do it justice. Took the pic above, but it wouldn’t take a good pic, real fuzzy. Looking through our equipment was amazing and even looking at it with the naked eye was impressive. Down here in AZ we had almost clear skies and the temp was very tolerable. LOL! Still had my winter jacket and hat on. Ha! Ha! Missing my wood heat. We had a beautiful day all day long with temps up to 73 degrees.

This is what the moon looked like before the eclipse….

The Native American that we met at Council Rock on Saturday was teaching how the moon represents their “grandmothers” and how the squaws made the dream catchers the day before “The Blood Moon” in honor of the grandmother moon. So interesting to hear their way of life.

So, as we watched the eclipse, we could see how the brownish red started to engulf the bright moon. The transformation was slow, but really cool. Through the telescope it magnified the brightness of the moon, but the binoculars were not as magnifying which it made it easier to look at. What amazed me so much, was that you could see what I thought was the moon craters. Over on the lower right side, our neighbor pointed out that it looked like a navel orange when it’s peeled. Absolutely an amazing evening shared again with good neighbors.

Well, thanks for joining me again. As always…. Subscribe here, Like and Share on FaceBook and until next time my friends… Hoping your path will take you on many adventures in life…. See you next time!

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