Amerind Museum

This is a Research Center, Library and Art Gallery,, off I-10 at exit #318 (Dragoon Rd), just east of Benson, AZ. Thank you Cindy (Business Manager) for the tickets you gave us to visit the Museum. We will be back again next year. I brought my neighbor and dear friend, Susan because she is an artist herself. Beautiful exhibits of Native American artifacts, Spanish artifacts, and much more.

We went through the museum, the art gallery and then we went over to see your artist in residence, Duane Maktima (Laguna Pueblo/Hopi), master jeweler and metalsmith. He is amazing and full of information. His jewelry is gorgeous. What an awesome artist and person. Loved his wife too, she is one of the most sweetest people I have met. Then we enjoyed your picnic area so we could eat our lunch and to enjoy the beautiful landscape around the area. WOW! Rating Amerind Museum 5 out of 5! Well done!

Photos given by permission.


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4 thoughts on “Amerind Museum

  1. I agree with Evelyn, a visit to the Amerind Museum is a fascinating way to spend a day. We enjoyed every single aspect of it.


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