Ramsey Canyon Preserve, and much, much more…

Ramsey Canyon Preserve

near Sierra Vista, AZ

Enjoying the beauty that God created

A quiet little brook right now, but when the rains come, watch out! It can be a gushing river at times. Hummingbird delight here at Ramsey Canyon Preserve. Up to 14 different species of hummingbirds visit here. Great place to learn once again, about lots of history. Our guide Betsy was wonderful and we learned a lot from her.

The deer would almost walk up to you, they are not hunted, so they have no fear of us. All the different plants, trees, meadows, insects and birds along the way, were so interesting to learn about them.

Log into http://www.nature.org and search for Ramsey Canyon Preserve to learn more for yourself, because there is too much to write about.

Thank you also to Deb and Paul for organizing & leading us here on a Tag-a-Long from Butterfield RV Resort. Just absolutely beautiful here at Ramsey Canyon Reserve.

Brown Canyon Ranch

Old Homestead of Brown Canyon Ranch

Here at Brown Canyon Ranch you get to see how a ranch was years ago. The homestead is open for visitors to walk through at no cost. There’s a water reserve tank still holding water with water constantly running into it. From this ranch you can take a hike up the Brown Canyon Trail. We are saving that for another time.

From here we head to another site….

Our Lady of The Sierras

It is absolutely gorgeous inside this place of worship. Here you can sit, meditate and pray for your friends, family and take a break from the enormous climb up the hill to see it. Check it out at http://www.ourladyofthesierras.org for more information.

Gammon’s Gulch Movie Set/Museum

The next day, we go to Gammon’s Gulch Movie Set and Museum with Deb and Paul once again. This place has been preserved from several movies being made here and is family friendly. Actors like, William Shockley, Peter Coyote, Alyssa Milano and our famous, John Wayne. They give tours to individuals and groups. Call ahead to set up a time. Jay & Joanne Gammons would love to hear from you. Look them up online at http://www.gammonsgulch.com Great place to see antiques of years past.

And now for the finale of our week….

Chiricahau National Monument

This is a “gotta do” kind of place. Ok, so I’m a person that a 3 mile hike is plenty for me, right? Well, I agreed to a 6+ mile thinking, oh I’m going to practice on my nice camera that my daughter sent me to use. Thank you again, Sarah. Somehow we ended up having another 2 miles to go for a total of about 8.5 miles.

Let me tell you what… this was the BEST hike I’ve ever been on. All the different rock formations to look at and snap a photo of was absolutely breathtaking. We all just kept on saying, “WOW”! There were 6 of us and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends. We visited all the way. Took a couple sit-downs to eat and a couple other breaks along the way. There were a couple areas that made my heart pound so hard that I couldn’t almost catch my breath, but stopping for 5 minutes helped each time. Our leader Howard was amazing! He’s accustomed to hiking and in great shape. He was so patient with us along the way. Thank you Howard. And a great big thank you to Suzanne for inviting us. Loved spending the day with all of you!

I must have taken 200 photos of the national monument, but didn’t want to give away all the secrets. This is a must come and see place. I have however shared several of my favorites for your enjoyment. Man, I can’t wait to share more with you in the near future. Once again, look up online for more detailed information about the Chiricahau National Monument’s history. There is so much to learn here.

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