Pantagonia, AZ

We decided to take a drive toward Pantagonia because we were told it was a unique area. We were surprised at how much housing there was along the way. As we drove along, there was so much to look at. Pantagonia is a very small town of about 900 residents, is over 4000 feet of elevation and about 16-18 miles from Mexico. The two mountain ranges nearby are the Santa Rita Mountains and the Pantagonia Mountains. I love mountains and they are both breathtaking.

Everywhere you look around here are mountains. I definitely had a miss conception about Arizona. I thought that Arizona was just a hot and dry desert. Boy o’ boy, do I stand corrected. It’s very nice here in the winter and so much to see. Desert, prairie, mountains, wild life, farm animals and the people are wonderful too. Looking forward to coming back next winter. We even saw a herd of deer across the field, but wasn’t close enough for a photo.

On our way, I had to have John stop so I could capture the clouds above the mountains and a couple cattle as they graze and rest. Photography has been a blast for me. I am really enjoying it.

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