Finding Doctors Along The Way

As a full-time RVer, you really don’t think about it much, until something happens.  When your health takes a bad turn, you rely on family, friends, or the locals of the area that you’re in and the internet to find a reliable doctor.  But let me tell you, I am so blessed!

Sorry that I haven’t been writing about our travels lately, but unfortunately I had a situation back on February 22nd and could not write.  Contacted all the prayer warriors I could think about at the time and God guided me to the surgeon He wanted me to see.  It was no fun coming across from Texas to North Carolina, but we made it and found a wonderful surgeon.  Here is what happened…. about 5:30 am on February 22nd I woke up cold.  Reached behind me for the blanket and immediately went into excruciating pain.  I knew something awful was wrong, because the pain took my breath away.  I went to the floor crying in pain.  Needed help from John to get back up and found reaching above my head and stretching my arm was the most comfortable position.

Long story short… I had surgery on my neck in NC by a wonderful trauma neurosurgeon, Dr. Cynthia Affrick for a ruptured disc.  God is good!  I am doing well.  Thank you to the 100+ prayer warriors that were praying on my behalf.  So, being a full-time RVer has it’s downfalls.  But, having better health due to being in better weather is so worth it, away from all the cold in the north.  So far, Arizona has been the best place of which we have felt better.  Looking forward to getting back there next winter.

A GREAT BIG “THANK YOU” to my sister and all of her friends for steering me in the right direction of who I needed to see for my neck.  Dr. Affrick is one of, if not the best surgeon I know.  Now looking forward to getting the doctors clearance to travel again.  Once I have clearance we will head back to our hometown of Alpena, MI to visit family and friends that we miss so much.  The many forever relationships we have made in all our life will never loose a spot in our hearts.  See you soon my friends!

Once again, being here at this park we are staying at, we have some great neighbors.  Mike and Sun have been the best ever!  Such kind and giving people.  Sun loves to cook and we love her cooking.  As other places we have stayed, I believe with all my heart that God has placed us right where He wants us to be.  It is quiet here at Waldo’s Lake RV Campground and it’s a good place to recover from surgery.  The workers have been working to get ready to open the picnic and pool area for the last week, so I’m sure the park will come alive here in just a week or so.  The flowers are amazingly beautiful, it’s getting greener everywhere and the leaves have sprung on the trees.  DSC_0258

So, before my misfortune happened, we were enjoying a visit in Kerrville, TX with our new friends (Rich & Susan), that we met in Arizona. Susan was teaching me how to use a Nikon 3300 that my daughter and son-in-law gave me. Here are a few shots that Susan and I enjoyed together while she explained to me how to zoom in, adjust focus and other options ….

As you can tell, I had fun. We also met two new friends while here at Kerrville, TX…. Jim and Pat. Again, such wonderful people. Looking forward to meeting up with them again to have more visits. Texas we found to be more like home in Michigan. It was beautiful to say the least. Thank you Susan for teaching all that you have. I enjoy seeing so much more through my camera lens.

Then we left Texas and headed towards North Carolina. But we stayed in Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia along the way. We had registered almost 7 months prior to attend the FMCA Rally in Perry, GA, so that’s where we stayed most of the time as we traveled to NC. Perry, GA was very pretty to us. We would love visiting there again.

At a park back in Louisiana, Lakeside RV Park, I was able to catch a great shot of a particular friendly creature and some friends ….

We stayed at Sherling Lake Park in Alabama too that was very well kept. Clean, quiet and the management was great too.

Once again, I’m doing much better and healing will go on for a very long time. Thank you friends for joining me again and I hope to continue writing more about our adventures. Remember to follow me and share with your friends in case they want to hear about different places to go. Until our next adventure, enjoy life to it’s fullest.

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3 thoughts on “Finding Doctors Along The Way

  1. Words cannot express the joy and pleasure I have had having my sister and brother-in-law here for two months, despite all the medical setbacks that have kept us from spending gobs of quality time together. Rarely do I have family here with me in North Carolina. To have them here for two months is joy unspeakable. I want to give a special shout out to my handyman brother-in-law for making our yards and home shine in such memorable ways! I love you both so dearly!


  2. Great job on both the photo’s and your post Evelyn! Seems like a year since since we saw you and John last in Kerrville. We are soooooo happy that you found the right surgeon and are on the mend. So looking forward to more photo shot opportunities later this year!


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