Pure Beauty

Springtime in nc

Spring time and all its beauty amazes me every year, no matter where I am. How do those beautiful blooms know that it’s time to open up? Why do they leave us so quickly? And why do some have such an awesome fragrance and some have none or an awful smell? I’m full of questions all the time. LOL!

As I take my morning walks, I can smell the sweetness of more blooms. The sweetest yet has been the magnolia. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m smelling. Smells like the first harvest of honey in June. A sweet gentle smell that only God can give you.

The humidity has hit NC and it can be unbearable at times. If you don’t get out to walk before 8am, you will struggle to breath. When the humidity is high, there is a funk smell here. But when you have a day of little humidity, it is so wonderful to sit under a tree or under your awning of your RV. Some folks suffer from allergies here and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to deal with that. Knowing that you can’t go outside without dealing with pollen, getting stuffy and having to take more medications to get through it…. shewwww! I like being outside way too much.

One thing we realized here in Fayetteville was the garbage along the roadsides. Some areas are worse than others, but then there are areas that the folks have taken pride in their neighborhoods and have cleaned up their areas. I suppose you can see that anywhere you go, but it seemed worse here than any area that we have been in the last 6 months. Now the grass or weeds have grown tall and it has hid most of it. The other thing we noticed is that most folks here don’t like using their turn signals. Crazy dangerous! You just don’t know where they are headed.

Now, on a much better note, the hospitality has been second to none. The southern hospitality is amazing. Yes, ma’am, no, sir. Politeness overload. Not used to being called ma’am. LOL! But, it’s nice to see people having respect for each other. Once again, thankful for everything in life. Had lunch today with several ladies that mean so much to me over the years here in NC and they mean so much to my sister. They are some of her closest friends that she can always rely on. It was a fantastic and fun lunch. Tons of laughter and great fellowship.

So, beauty is not only an image of something or the first image of a person. It’s the love of creation that surrounds us in nature, it’s the inner person, the great personalities that make the world a better place. The kindness of your heart, doing something for someone. Saying a good word to brighten another’s day. Just being kind to each other and showing that you care. Not judging people because they are different than you. Leave the job of judging up to God. Let your beauty shine through by loving with compassion for others. Even God’s creatures understand how to love and work together to have something great.

Well, before I end this story, I have a good one for you. Last night while watching a bit of t.v. before bed, we have our feet propped up on the bench and I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t say anything because I thought it was a figment of my imagination. About 5 seconds later, John and I both jumped up. He saw it too! Something black and big scurrying across the floor under our legs. What?! What the heck is that? I screamed!!! It went so fast I couldn’t get a look at it. John got a good look at it and said that it was a cockroach. A WHAT?! Oh no! Not in my RV! This thing was dark in color and huge, or least that’s what I thought I saw. LOL! It went under the driver’s seat and disappeared.

We started to search the net to find out how to kill it. Sugar and baking soda is a natural killer, and they don’t like the scent of ground bay leaves or lemon zest. OK! I got this! Mind you, it’s 10:30 pm already, and I WAS going to bed shortly. Not anymore…. I’m up for the long haul now. They like food crumbs, so I proceeded to do any dirty dishes we had, swept/vacuumed the floor, mopped and then wiped lemon essential oil everywhere. Then I ground up the bay leaves and sprinkled them around, especially around our bed. No roach in my bed, no way! Hope this works! John asked if I wanted him to go out to the store and buy some roach traps and I was like, YES I Do! Please. I kinda flipped out to say the least. First time for us to experience this. So, I hope we never see it again and I’m hoping that its gone forever. Maybe it was just passing through? When John got back from the store, we put all of the roach traps out, all 20 of them. Some in the living area and some in the basement. Plus he bought some expensive spray to help. We will use that when we can leave for an hour to let it do its job. So, visiting in the southeast is not on my list for awhile. Bugs, spiders and snakes are the worse ever for us. Now cockroaches are on that list too. Ha, ha, ha!

Thank you again for tuning in. Until next time, keep looking for that next adventure. Please share with a friend who will enjoy reading and follow us along the way. http://www.LandYachtCruisers.com

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