Botanical Gardens

Today was a very fun day! We visited the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens and took so many photos of the beautiful blossoms, insects and reptiles that allowed us to see them. We did see a very pretty bright blue tail skink. It was so pretty, but too fast for me to focus in on it. We were also at the right place at the right time to see a turtle, laying her eggs.  As I stayed far enough back not to disturb her, I was able to zoom in and snap a shot of her.  The flowers are absolutely beautiful this time of year here.  They also had a display of “Origami Art” throughout the gardens.  I will post a number of photos for your review, but if you are ever in the Fayetteville, NC area, this would be a nice place to go.

After we left the gardens, my sister and her husband treated us to a Thai restaurant called the “Asia Bistro” on Bragg Blvd.  It was the first time for me to eat Thai food and let me tell you what… I just found another fantastic food.  The restaurant is very clean, the owners are friendly and the young man who served us, Cullen, was awesome.  Hats off to you Cullen, thank you for your future service in the Marines.   The chef was amazing!  What a great talent to cook food that tastes so amazing.  Thank you for a great experience and thank you Audrie & Adam for the treat.  Oh… and for the frozen yogurt afterwards…  I’m stuffed!

Well here we are again, the end of another day.  Thankful that God has granted me another day.  Until we meet again, keep looking for that next adventure around the next corner.  Remember to follow us and share with your friends and family.  Thank you for visiting me again.

3 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens

  1. John and Evie, it was such a fun day with the two of you!! I look forward to every new discovery with you both, like we shared at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens today. I cringe at the thought of y’all leaving this week, but I know you must scoot so we blog followers can continue to live vicariously through your travel experiences. I look forward to what is yet on the horizon for the two of you. I love you dearly.

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