What was that? I asked.

Settling down from a long winters nap….

Wait a minute, it’s spring time for months now in our travels. Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolina’s, Virginia, W, Virginia, Ohio and now Michigan’s spring time. It has been a blessing to see so many spring times along the way.

So we made it safely back to our family and friends in Michigan. First destination, my niece’s and her family. Lots of room to park, visit and have a few meals together. Got the tears done first thing so we could tell about our stories of our past year to each other. LOL! I love meeting up with family or friends that are close to you, you never miss a beat. It’s almost like you never left. Laughs galore!

Three nights ago, John and I had settled in for our evening. Playing on social media, talking a bit about where to go tomorrow, then I heard something. I’m like, “What was that?” I got up to look out the windows and nothing. Well, my niece has a couple cats, so I thought one of them must have gotten up under the slide-out or something and bumped its head. Not even a minute later, I hear something on the other side of the coach. So, I get up again to inspect. Nothing out there either. HMMMM! I wonder what that was?

Yesterday was nice out, rain had stopped earlier and it was drying up, so John starts to fiddle around outside the coach and checking everything out. I’m prepping for supper and he opens the door and says, “You have to come out here and check something out. You’re not going to believe this.” He walks me around to where I heard the first noise a couple nights ago….

Have you guessed? We/I was not just hearing things. We parked in the place where the dumpster was. Guess who was looking for garbage? The neighborhood bear was checking out this HUGE dumpster. LOL!!! After he or she got up on the coach, it walked around the other side of the coach and bumped into the blueboy. That’s what I heard on the opposite side. The rattling of that either scared it away or it was under my feet of the expando when I looked out the window. Now I’m really on high alert when I walk across the yard. TeeHee! Glad we were not dog sitting at that time yet, but that’s another story, later. Shoot! We don’t even have to go to the national parks out West to get this much excitement. Only a few times before have I ever had such a close encounter with a bear, while growing up in Michigan. They’re usually more afraid of you, than you are of them, usually. Always give them space and respect. They are a beautiful creation of God’s.

Come back to hear our story of dog sitting coming soon…

Until next time my friends, remember to follow us here and share/like us on facebook too. Thank you again for joining us in our Adventures…

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