In the darkness…

At 3:16 am this morning I awoke to the darkness of a new day. Tried to go back to sleep but quickly realized that was not going to happen. All to many times in my life this is when my Lord can speak to me and actually have my undivided attention. In the darkness I sit in my chair completely relaxed and listening to the frogs singing continuously. At 4:30 am I start the coffee and by 4:57 am I’m back in my chair sipping my cup of coffee. Now I hear a couple birds waking up and the daytime is breaking.

While sipping my coffee I realized the time that I got up this morning… “3:16” and it brought me to a Bible verse that we all learn in Sunday School. John 3:16, For God so love the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but everlasting life. What an amazing promise to be reminded of this morning. Thank you Jesus 🥰

All my life I have been so extremely busy. Hurry up go here and go there. Raising three amazing kids who are now doing the same exact thing that we did, I look back to the days of the hustle and bustle and realize that we did a lot, but also rushed through it all. A word to the wise… slow down, listen in the darkness, don’t rush God’s hand. Life will pass you by so quickly, like a blink of an eye. Enjoy the moment because you can never go back. Be thankful for everything and give the proper thanks to the Creator.

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