Summer Time 2019

Spring Lake Park, Williston, ND 2019

It has been fun in ND with our family. Went for a walk the other day and was able to catch this little critter up in the tree, watching us go by. It has been in the 80’s and 90’s a lot here which makes us get tired even quicker. The grandkids have been busy at school or playing at home. Never a dull moment around here.

Everywhere you look around here, you can find another pump-jack or flare-pit. This is oil country or better known as the Bakken. Crazy busy everywhere you go. The flare-pits can get so loud when more pressure is expelled. There is one across the road from our son & daughter-in-law’s and you can hear it from inside the house.

So we were finally able to make one of our Son-in-law’s ballgames. What a great team they have. The players all put their heart into it and they made it to the champion games.

The Gourd Barn, Moran, MI

On our way to ND we stayed here with Rick & Clarlyn Ledy, who are Harvest Hosts in the U.P. of MI. Great hospitality and wonderful to visit with.

Some beautiful places that we were able to see from Michigan to North Dakota.

Mule Deer, Williston, ND
Just a close up
Alpena, MI harbor

But no matter where we go, we have each other and the friends around us. We will be headed back to AZ for winter and will once again be with all our new friends that we have met down there from all across the USA.

Thank you for joining me today and until next time, keep looking for your next adventure…

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