Early Winter Weather

Our grandson was born early and I was excited that we would have more time with him before we had to leave, BUT winter is coming early.  Welcome to our family Easton. Nana and Papa will see you again in the summertime.  Here is Avery greeting her little brother for the first time…


We were less than a day ahead of the storm.   Staying ahead of the storm was not easy.  We had to push ourselves and we were so exhausted by the time we made the trip.  It is crazy busy going through Denver when the roads are dry.  Can’t imagine when they are snow and ice covered.  Over 160 accidents happened in Denver alone during that storm.   We are now safe and warm at our winter home.

We had a few friends here greet us and welcomed us home.  Great friends are hard to find, but God has granted us some good ones.  Now waiting for a few more to show up and we’ll be all set.  Still missing our kids, but so thankful for facetime.  We stay in touch almost daily with the kids and grand-kids which we’re so blessed to have a relationship with them.  Wouldn’t want it any other way.  

Well, until next time, keep looking forward to your next adventure.  Stay tuned more of our adventures of life…

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2 thoughts on “Early Winter Weather

  1. Congrats on baby E. Such beautiful grandchildren! Glad to hear you are now settled in AZ. Looking forward to our trip southwest to see you both, catch up and play some guitar! Hugs-Dianne


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