A Tribute to Pops

To a very dear couple who have been so dear to our hearts. You two mean everything to us. You took us into your lives when we needed family the most. Today is your 93rd birthday Pops and you’re still going strong. You two are an inspiration to me and I pray that I will have at least half the drive and ambition you have had through life. Your suggestion of never stop moving is so true, because when we take a day or two of rest, we notice it tremendously. The photos I am sharing is from years back, I hope you don’t mind.

Pops, I had the honor of playing music with you and sharing the Good News through music and song to many others. Mom, thank you for always hosting us for the weekly practices and sharing your delicious chocolate fudge topping and so many other dishes. Even though we are 1700 miles apart, we are only a call away. We miss you tremendously, but know that our hearts are always near to each other. Hoping that “The Lord’s Way” will play together again one day when we visit you back home.

You two have taught us so much about love, forgiveness and sharing during the time we had together. Your beautiful family took us in with open arms. I remember the first time we met Suzy and Con… it was like we just met our long lost friends that we had known all our lives, now our sisters. We immediately realized we were blessed by God. Friendships like that are rare. Hats off to all the good times and the ones yet to come. Love you all so much! Happy 93rd Birthday Pops and to many more.

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