Miley, Jayden and Aunt Tammy enjoying the critters around the pond. Birds, frogs and turtles. Country living can be so much fun learning about animals in nature. The kids are loving it and learning something every day. We will be back soon. Until next time, keep looking for that new adventure. ADS…. We have searched […]

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A Night Out

Driving around the country side again and we came across this fella. What magnificent animals they are. So graceful and in no hurry to do anything. This guy is on a farm, but hoping to see one in the middle of nature someday soon. Hope I have the camera ready then. Another extremely graceful animal. […]

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Born & Raised Here

A little over a year ago we left everything we knew to see what else was out there. God has given us so much to see right here in the USA, I’m not even interested in going over seas. Maybe one day Hawaii, but I’m in no hurry for that either. Give me the great […]

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What was that? I asked.

Settling down from a long winters nap…. Wait a minute, it’s spring time for months now in our travels. Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolina’s, Virginia, W, Virginia, Ohio and now Michigan’s spring time. It has been a blessing to see so many spring times along the way. So we made it safely back to […]

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One Year Later

Believe it or not, it has been just over a year since we left Michigan back on April 9, 2018. We are heading back to Michigan to see family and friends. John’s niece is getting married to a very nice young man and we want to be there with them. Had a blessed 2018 summer […]

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Botanical Gardens

Today was a very fun day! We visited the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens and took so many photos of the beautiful blossoms, insects and reptiles that allowed us to see them. We did see a very pretty bright blue tail skink. It was so pretty, but too fast for me to focus in on it. […]

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To All Moms

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MOMS EVERYWHERE! You can never replace the rewards of being a mother. It is such an honor to have the joy unspeakable of raising your children. Having a child is a gift from God and I’m so blessed to have been given three fun loving children. Happy Mother’s Day Ladies! […]

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Pure Beauty

Springtime in nc Spring time and all its beauty amazes me every year, no matter where I am. How do those beautiful blooms know that it’s time to open up? Why do they leave us so quickly? And why do some have such an awesome fragrance and some have none or an awful smell? I’m […]

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Being Patient & Forgiving

My entire life I have had to be patient… Having patience is so hard for me sometimes. Hunting, fishing, learning an instrument, another language or simply going through school. If I have to be someplace soon and my child is taking his or her good old time putting their shoes on, I might run out […]

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Finding Doctors Along The Way

As a full-time RVer, you really don’t think about it much, until something happens.  When your health takes a bad turn, you rely on family, friends, or the locals of the area that you’re in and the internet to find a reliable doctor.  But let me tell you, I am so blessed! Sorry that I […]

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